Chapter 6: Deforestation and Reforestation

I have heard it said in Central America that in global terms Central America’s forests are of little or no significance. Clear nonsense at all levels; but if a case has to be made for their significance, then Hurricane Mitch can make it for Central America at a local and regional level.

Chapter 6 starts with a short discussion of the links between deforestation and the vulnerability (as exposed by Hurricane Mitch) of the Central American population. The subject of deforestation and reforestation are covered through the following sub-headings.

Key words: Slash-and-burn | Nutrient reduction | Intensive, non-rotational systems | TNC land takeovers | Forest definitions | Timber industry | Illegal logging | Olancho Environmental Movement (MAO) | Carbon sequestration | Carbon trading | Clean Development Mechanism | Certified emission reductions (CERs) | Cap and trade | Carbon offsetting | Monoculture tree plantations | Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) | Reforestation | Timber certification | Mangrove loss | Shrimp farming | Community forestry