Calgary based Infinito Gold suing Costa Rica at the World Bank’s ICSID

From the LeadNow petitions site, 19.11.13

Infinito Gold is suing Costa Rica at the World Bank international arbitration court (ICSID) for $1 billion +. Infinito is holding its AGM at the Ranchmen’s Club in Calgary on November 21 [2013], and the idea is to deliver the message (to Infinito shareholders et al) now up on the LeadNow site backed by as many signatures as possible. We would then also be able to fashion a press release and likely get significant Canadian organisational buy-in.

A Spanish version of the text will be up on the LeadNow site soon – see below – which will open up the possibility for Costa Ricans to sign on to this campaign as well, making it a somewhat unique bi-national action.

Also please note that this Canadian mining company put two Costa Rican professors through six trials for having spoken out against the proposed open pit mine. Also the company attempted to intimidate the University of Costa Rica demanding they be given the curriculum of an upcoming course in the Biology department so that the company could vet its contents ahead of time.