Goldcorp shareholder resolution on free, prior and informed consent, 2010

Goldcorp shareholders Kathryn Anderson and Brenda Cooper submitted the following proposal for consideration at Goldcorp’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders held in Toronto, Canada, on 19 May 2010:


“That the Board create and adopt, by September 1st 2010, a corporate policy on the right to free, prior and informed consent (‘FPIC’) for its operations impacting indigenous communities and all communities dependent on natural resources for survival.”


“We ask the Board to consider the following in creating this policy:

1. To respect the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as best practice with regard to FPIC rights.

2. Take specific note of the legal difference between consultation and consent.

3. Implement this policy retroactively to ensure that all our mining licenses were obtained in adherence to this policy.

4. Cease all operations, expansion and exploration where consent of the affected population has not been obtained by the state.

5. Apply this policy to any license with partial or full Goldcorp ownership.”