Edwin Espinal and Raúl Álvarez, Honduran political prisoners – all charges dropped

In December 2019 we included in this section of The Violence of Development website a Honduras Solidarity Network article about Honduran political prisoner Edwin Espinal. Here we are pleased to include, almost two years later, the news that the charges against Edwin and co-defendant Raúl Álvarez have been dropped. Rights Action gives a brief account below along with links elsewhere for more details.

Edwin Espinal, left, and co-accused Raul Alvarez, outside a Honduran courthouse, Sept.17, just after all the politically motivated charges (related to their democracy and human rights activism in Honduras) were dropped. Photo: Karen Spring.

More details of the case and the struggle for justice are found in the CBC news report (21 September 2021 – link given here:


Pending formalisation of ruling

Edwin and Raúl have to wait a bit longer for the ruling to be formally published, and the appeal period to expire. It was, however, a clear and fast ruling from the court. It is widely suspected the ruling will be legally ratified, and the decision will not be appealed by the corrupt, military-backed Honduran regime.

THANK-YOU to all Rights Action supporters who helped us support this very difficult struggle that began with Edwin’s illegal detention on January 18, 2018.

The almost 4 years struggle was led by Karen Spring, Edwin’s partner in Honduras, and by Janet Spring, Edwin’s mother-in-law in Elmvale Ontario.

Karen Spring (in Honduras)

Janet Spring (in Canada)




Also refer to the December 2019 article in this section of The Violence of Development website.