Public hospitals and public health in Central America

The following indicators of public health provision in the seven Central American countries is taken from Nicanotes which is an online weekly newssheet about Nicaragua produced by the Alliance For Global Justice (AFGJ). The particular edition of Nicanotes (dated 11 October 2023) from which the map and information were taken was headed ‘NicaNotes: Spectacular Advances in Health in 2023!’ and was researched and written by Nan McCurdy and Katherine Hoyt. The full article can be read at:

Nicaragua has by far the most public hospitals in Central America, especially if compared by population. Nicaragua, with a population of 6.61 million, has one public hospital for every 85,844 people. However, Guatemala, with a population of 18.71 million, has one public hospital for every 418,604 people; Honduras has one public hospital for every 331,935; El Salvador one for every 204,516 people; Panama one for every 274,375 people; and Costa Rica one for every 180,344.

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